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Fantech is committed to introducing new and innovative products that are designed to optimise the indoor air quality and lower energy consumption. These products are helping to improve comfort levels, and create healthier more productive internal spaces by introducing fresh filtered air into the environment.

Our focus on improving the energy efficiency of buildings and the air quality within the occupied space, has led Fantech to introduce a number of new cutting edge products. These intelligent products come from some of the world’s leading ventilation brands including Zehnder, Aerauliqa and Soler & Palau. Fantech is the exclusive distributor of Zehnder energy (heat) recovery products in Australia and New Zealand, and have worked closely with customers who have installed them into a range of building types including homes, apartments and small commercial facilities.

Fantech’s experienced ventilation specialists are fully trained on these new technologies. We have worked with architects, builders, HVAC specialists and homeowners to ensure the most effective product is selected to achieve the desired results. Our ventilation team are ready to provide expert advice for your specific application and are experienced in supplying these systems for most types of climates.

Improving indoor air quality

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Fantech, the industry leader for over 45 years and continues to be the forefront of fan and acoustics technology by developing and implementing new and innovative products for virtually every air movement and ventilation need.

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