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Designer Grilles

The only visible components in living areas are the openings for supply and extract air. The Zehnder designer grilles are as elegant as they are discreet and match up perfectly with your living style. All models are available in on-wall and in-wall design, in white or stainless steel. The grilles are particularly suitable for source ventilation.

Zehnder Roma

Zehnder Torino

Zehnder Round Torino

Standard Grilles

The fresh air enters the room via the disc valves, where it mixes with the room air. The extract air is exhausted through these valves

Extract valve STB

Supply valve Luna


Fit for life

Once designed, a heat recovery unit becomes an integral part of a home. Whilst a heat recovery unit may be updated and replaced, the air distribution network, which is embedded in the fabric of the building, will remain. For the continued health of the building and its occupants, it is imperative that the system can be cleaned periodically.

The ComfoTube system, thanks to its minimal number of joints, robustly engineered components and radial installation allows for rigorous cleaning without the danger of misalignment or disconnection between parts. In addition, the ducting has a patented, smooth ‘Clinside’ interior which prevents dirt and moisture getting trapped in ridges within the system. This inhibits the growth of mould and bacteria. Independently tested by the Hygiene Institute for the Ruhrgebiet, Germany, it was found that using the correct cleaning equipment, between 95 and 98% of dust build up from the interior of the tubes could be removed.

InFloor air distribution

ComfoTube 90

Flexible round tube with Clinside smooth internal coating

  • Semi rigid
  • Flexible
  • Robust tube
  • Push fit joints secured with locking slides – no messy sealants
  • Supplied on rolls – no need for multiple joints
  • Certified by Hygiene Institute for the Ruhrgebiet, Germany for cleanliness
  • Can contribute towards achieving Guaranteed Installed Performance

OnFloor air distribution

ComfoTubeFlat 51

Flexible oval flat tube with Clinside smooth internal coating

  • Helps to deliver Guaranteed Installed Performance
  • Easy to install, flexible tubes
  • High-quality food-grade plastic (HDPE)
  • Centrally and locally adjustable air volumes
  • Low pressure losses
  • Clinside smooth internal coating for clean tubes
  • Easy to clean
  • SKZ-certified

Simple Cleaning

The Zehnder ComfoFresh air distribution system supplies indoor spaces with fresh air – Clinside ensures this is done cleanly and hygienically. Clinside, the smooth internal walls in Zehnder ventilation pipes and filters not only reduces the build-up of dust, but also guarantees easy cleaning. Certification by a recognized hygiene institute confirms this.

Cleanliness thanks to Clinside

The smooth Clinside internal walls makes it difficult for dust to settle inside the ventilation pipes and makes cleaning so much easier.

Cleanliness Cleanside

Easy to clean

The Clinside smooth internal walls and the accessibility of all ventilation components allow easy and thorough cleaning. Zehnder provides vacuum cleaners with rotating brushes specially designed for this purpose.



Zehnder ComfoWell attenuator CW-S 625. Rectangular compact attenuator with highly efficient sound insulation combined with low pressure losses. The attenuator can be used individually or in combination with all ComfoWell components. The airtight connection between components is via a clamping strip. For cleaning purposes the sound absorbing element can be removed. Mounting on the wall or ceiling is done using the supplied fully adjustable installation mounts.

ComfoWell Attenuator

Technical Data:

  • Insertion loss of 13,7 dB / 250 Hz
  • Casing: Steel plate, galvanized
  • Sound absorbing element: Foam material with sanitation coating
  • Dimensions: Length: 500 mm; Width: 625mm;
  • Height: 230 mm


ComfoWell components

Zehnder ComfoWell mounting plate CW-M625-12 x 90. Manifold mounting plate for connection of 6-12 x ComfoTube 90mm semi-rigid ducting. The mounting plate includes a protective film and the necessary mounting accessories.

ComfoWell Mounting Plate

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