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AeroFresh 60

Decentralised Energy Recovery Unit

The Aerofresh 60 now with humidity sensor utilises an innovative ceramic core heat exchanger that delivers up to 82% heat recovery.

Two synchronised units alternate between exhaust and supply air flow to help maintain healthy indoor air quality, and prevent condensation and mould growth.

Fresh air through continuous ventilation

The Aerofresh 60 decentralised energy recovery unit provides continuous ventilation to ensure a home feels fresh and comfortable to live in. Home occupants can enjoy a healthier indoor environment as the Areofresh 60 will improve the air quality, while being energy efficient to run and very simple to operate.

The Aerofresh units are installed in synchronised pairs to provide balanced ventilation (non pressurised) and promote higher levels of air circulation within the home compared to single point systems.

Helps reduce air contaminants & energy costs

Outside air coming in through windows and doors can be a major contributor to a home's heating and cooling costs. An Aerofresh 60 decentralised ventilation system can considerably reduce these energy costs by transferring up to 82 % of the thermal energy from the exhaust air to the incoming fresh air. During winter it transfers the heat from the warmer indoor air and in summer the coolth from the colder air.

Natural ventilation through open windows and doors can also have other negative effects, including entry of dust and insects, a reduction in security and exposure to adverse weather conditions. Installation of an Aerofresh energy recovery system avoids these factors and helps to maintain lower concentrations of contaminants such as CO2 and VOCs by supplying continuous fresh air.

Regenerative ceramic core heat exchanger with high thermal efficiency

How Aerofresh 60 Works

  • Aerofresh 60 units are installed in pairs in separate rooms
  • Both units alternate their air flow direction every 70 seconds (approx.) and are synchronised with each other so while one unit is exhausting air the other is supplying air into the home (see diagram)
  • The Areofresh unit transfers the thermal energy from air inside the building to the incoming fresh air
  • The incoming pre-conditioned fresh air reduces the demand for additional heating and cooling
  • Helps maintain healthy indoor air as well as prevent condensation and mould growth
  • 8 to 10mm door undercut allows air flow when doors are closed
  • When installing in a bedroom, ensure to position away from bed heads to avoid uncomfortable air flow and noise concerns.

    Balanced energy recovery mode

    Aerofresh 60 can be installed as two synchronised units, providing the home with pre-conditioned fresh air.

    Fig 1.a

    Aerofresh 60 Remote Control

  • Air flow direction (alternating, extract only and intake only)
  • Free-cooling mode
  • 5 speed options
  • Boost function
  • Comfort / efficiency mode
  • Filters reset
  • Fig 1.b

  • Alternating exhaust/supply air flow direction (push-pull) ensures efficient energy recovery and air circulation
  • Sleek modern internal diffuser is easily removed for cleaning
  • Regenerative ceramic core heat exchanger with high thermal efficiency (up to 82%)
  • Integrated humidity control to detect elevated humidity levels and increase fresh air intake accordingly
  • Fitted with a high efficiency EC motor that is designed for continuous running and fitted with high quality, sealed for life bearings
  • Unique winglet-type impeller provides increased efficiency and low noise
  • Telescopic tube makes unit adaptable to wall thicknesses from 300mm to 560mm
  • Comes standard with 2 external grilles options; a plastic grille with insect screen and an aluminium weatherproof hood with acoustic lining and insect screen
  • LCD remote control to adjust speed, air flow direction, boost, efficiency and free cooling
  • Insect screen is easy to remove for cleaning and maintenance from inside the home
  • "Free cooling" function allows cool outside night air to enter during summer(night time purge)
  • Motor protection IPX4
  • Model No. Aerofresh 60
    Speed 1 2 3 4 5
    Air flow (L/s) 6 8 11 14 17
    Power Consumption (W) 2 2 3.5 4.5 6
    Sound Level dB(A) @3m* 10 14 20 24 29
    Voltage 220-240 V
    Frequency 50 Hz
    Max Temperature 50 °C

    * Sound Pressure level @ 3m in free field

    Aerofresh 60 Unit

    Model No. Description A B C D G H I J K
    AER-60HRV-KIT Plastic External Grille 218 76 158 300 to 560 - - - 218 20
    Aluminium External Hood 240 91 228 - -
    Dimensions in mm

    Aerofresh 60 Options

    Code Description E F
    AEROSB60 Spacer to suit 240-299mm thick walls td> 60 240
    AEROSB190 Spacer to suit walls less than 240mm thick 190 240
    AER-60HRV-REM Replacement remote control -
    Dimensions in mm

    AeroFresh 60

    Decentralised Energy Recovery Unit

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