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ComfoAir 70

Decentralised Ventilation Unit

The ComfoAir 70 is a new generation of decentralised ventilation. It provides constant fresh air while maintaining a pleasant indoor climate. Combining a unique energy efficient enthalpy exchanger and an intuitive, smart control panel that indicates when it is time for the filter’s replacement, the ComfoAir 70 is the smartest unit in its class.

Fresh air flow all day for the highest level of comfort

The decentralised ventilation unit, ComfoAir 70, creates and maintains a healthy and comfortable indoor climate. The unique enthalpy exchanger allows the supply and extraction of air to operate simultaneously, this means supplying a continuous flow of fresh air whilst exhausting stale, moist air – so you never have any need to open a window. This reduces energy consumption as no valuable heating energy is lost through window ventilation.

Optional twin-room connection

The ComfoAir 70 has an optional twin-Room connection, which means the unit is flexible and expandable. This allows it to be adapted between small and large apartments. The intelligent design offers the ability for the unit to be integrated between two neighbouring rooms, providing a comfortable flow of air between the two rooms.This is particularly beneficial in Two - room apartments.Larger apartments also have the option of using several units to supply and extract air.

Moist and stale air are extracted outside from one room.Fresh air is then drawn in and brought up to a comfortable temperature through heat recovery mode.The supply air is then spread into the other room providing a continuous flow of fresh air.

  • Large and unique enthalpy exchanger ensures optimal heat and humidity recovery
  • An optional twin-room connection allows neighbouring rooms to be integrated into the ventilation system
  • Display shows when it is time for a filter replacement and any system service requirements
  • The system has a DC radial fan which resists wind loads
  • Membranes within the exchanger help to prevent mould and the development of bacteria
  • The system can also be adapted to meet the needs of larger apartments with the ability to use several units
  • Four programmable fan levels and a switch-off function to ensure ideal air flows
  • Heat Recovery up to 89% and up to 71% humidity recovery
  • Cost reduction through minimum intervention within the living space
  • Insulating elements provides optimum acoustic benefits
  • High product performance at temperatures as low as -5 °C

    The large dimensions of the enthalpy exchanger, the core ventilation unit, utilises the energy from the extracted air.

    Allowing the ComfoAir 70 to maintain full performance power at temperatures as low as -5 °C, the ComfoAir 70 operates without a pre-heater or frost protection controller, which makes way for further energy savings. Suitable for either renovations or new builds in single or two - roomed apartments, the ComfoAir 70 is easy to install. The unit only requires a core hole drilling with power supply installation on site.

    Replacement Filters

    ComfoAir 70 filters

    ComfoAir 70

    Decentralised Ventilation Unit

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