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AeroFresh 240

Heat Recovery Unit

The compact Aerofresh 240 is suitable for larger apartments to smaller sized homes and can be vertically installed into a cupboard or narrow space. It features a high efficiency counter-flow heat exchanger that can recover up to 80% of the heat.

An Ultra-Compact, Quiet Achiever

The Aerofresh 240 is a compact heat recovery unit designed to transfer heat from humid air, extracted from wet rooms (kitchens and bathrooms) to provide maximum comfort with simple operation and high efficiency. It extracts the heat energy which would have otherwise been lost during the extract process and transfers this to the fresh, filtered supply air which is drawn in from outside.

This is done using high efficiency counter - flow heat exchangers which can recover up to 80 % of the heat.

The Aerofresh 240 can be installed in a cupboard or narrow space, thanks to its ultra-compact size and easy - to - fit air distribution system allows each room to properly ventilate.

Ventilation System Example

New build.

A continuously operating Aerofresh 240 heat recovery unit transfers heat from humid air extracted from wet rooms to warm incoming fresh air during winter which is ducted to habitable rooms. In summer the reverse process occurs with cooler indoor air being extracted, cooling the incoming fresh air.

Thanks to the easy-to-fit air distribution system, each room can be ventilated to achieve excellent indoor air quality.The boost function enables rapid extract of increased moisture or pollutant levels. It also provides discrete installation and quite operation.

The preheated/precooled fresh air and continuous air changes reduce the demand for additional heating/air-conditioning.

The EC brushless motors significantly reduce the energy consumption.

A correctly specified mechanical ventilation system can ensure the quality of the indoor air is constantly maintained for the health and well-being of the occupants as well as of the building.Duly maintained filters ensure that incoming air is suitably filtered of dust and pollen before if enters the home


Aerofresh 240 Controller

Multi-function remote control panel with LCD display, supplied as standard with the Aerofresh 240.

  • Suitable for surface (wall) mounting
  • Mode of operation display
  • Filter change alarm display
  • Bypass status display
  • Error message display
  • Installer setup functions
  • Designed to be vertically installed on the wall inside a cupboard or narrow space
  • Boost function enables rapid extraction of increased moisture or pollutant leels
  • Automatic bypass for free cooling during the summer season
  • EC motor for increased energy efficiency and stepless speed control
  • Long lasting powder coated galvanised sheet steel construction
  • Highly efficient counter flow heat exchanger to maximise thermal recovery of up to 80% of heat
  • Can be connected to a BMS via Modbus RTU for easy system control and monitoring
  • Complies with European ErP Directive, Regulations 1253/2014 – 1254/2014 ( HRV performance standards)
  • Weight: 23kg
  • Ducting: 4 x Ø125mm spigots
  • Condensate connection: 16mm (for tube connection)
  • Construction:
    • Internal body - EPP (Polythlene)
    • Unit housing - Painted Galvanised Steel
  • Voltage: 220-240 V
  • Fan motors: EC
  • Filters: Extract - G4, Supply - G4
  • Operating Speed40% 60% 80% 100%

    * Sound Pressure level @ 3m in free field

    A - Intake air from outside
    B - Exhaust air to outside
    C - Supply air to inside
    D - Extract air from inside
    E - Winter condensation drainage
    F - Summer condensation drainage

    AeroFresh 240

    Heat Recovery Unit

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