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ComfoAir Q350

Heat Recovery Ventilation System

The ComfoAir Q350 is a new generation of residential heat recovery ventilation units with intelligent technology and state-of-the-art design. It suits medium to large size homes and includes a high efficiency counter-flow heat exchanger that can recover up to 96% of heat.

Optimum Indoor Ventilation

The ComfoAir Q350 is an intelligent, ultra efficient heat recovery ventilation system that provides a healthier more comfortable indoor space. New integrated technologies helps to deliver market leading performance including efficient heat recover (up to 96%), low noise generation and reduced power consumption. Temperature and humidity sensors allow the unit to respond automatically to changing environmental conditions and deliver low maintenance trouble free operation.

The ComfoAir Q350 extracts the heat energy, which would have otherwise been lost through the normal exhaust processes, and transfers this to the fresh, filtered supply air which is drawn in from outside.

Engineered for Maximum Efficiency

The unique diamond shaped heat exchanger features a larger surface area, which provides a higher level of efficiency. The exchanger features fully optimised channel heights to ensure a constant air flow with lower pressure loss.

The ComfoAir Q350, counter - flow exchanger operates in energy recovery mode to maximise heat recovery transfer throughout the year. Summer bypass operation can also be also used to allow cooler air to be brought directly into the building, when the inside temperature has increased above the comfort temperature.

  • Recovers thermal energy from stale air extracted from the building
  • Available with sensible and enthalpy counter - flow exchanger
  • Enthalpy counter - flow models also recover latent energy allowing dehumidification in humid climates
  • Proportional bypass provides more accurate temperature and humidity control
  • Large exchanger size ensures minimal pressure drop, efficient power consumption and low noise generation

Summer Bypass Mode

Recovery Mode (Winter Operation Shown)

  • 3 sizes available to suit medium to large size homes; Q350, Q450 and Q600
  • Unique diamond shaped counter - flow heat exchanger maximises heat transfer whilst minimizing pressure drop
  • Fully optimised impeller and housing design ensures effective performance and a highly efficient air flow path
  • Automatic 100% filtered bypass
  • ComfoWell attenuators ensure quiet operation
  • Certified as an official Passive House Component by the Passivhaus Institut
  • Weight: 50kg
  • Ducting: 4 x Ø160mm spigots
  • Condensate connection: 32mm
  • Construction:
    • Internal body - Polythlene
    • Unit housing - ABS
  • Fan motors: EC
  • Filters: Extract - G4, Supply - F7
  • Air flow
    Sound Level
    dB(A) @3m
    2005031 20.1
    2455043 22.6

    Replacement Filters

    ComfoAir Q350 filters

    ComfoAir Q350

    Heat Recovery Ventilation System

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