Heathmont Certified Passive House

Located in Melbourne’s south east this project is an example of a contemporary bespoke design that has achieved Passive House certification.

The Heathmont house has a number of unique features including the use of a prefabricated panel structure which ensured high levels of quality control during construction and rapid assembly to lock-up on site. It is one the first projects to include a new style of MVHR integrated heat pump that provides top up heating, cooling, and dehumidification using the MVHR ductwork and grilles.

Air tightness results (below) show that even a complex building geometry isn’t a barrier to high performance construction.

Project Specs

Treated Floor Area: 217 m2

Heating Demand: 11.9 kWh/(m2a)

Cooling & Dehumidification Demand: 4.8 kWh/(m2a)

Air tightness achieved: 0.55 ACH/hr

Project Team

Designer: Maxa Design

Prefabricated Building Fabric: Carbonlite (Panelite product)

Windows: Triple Glazed Composite (timber/Al) UWindow = 0.85 , SHGC = 0.52

Passive House Consultant: Roderick Williams (Williams Energy Design)

Passive House Certifier: Grun Consulting

MVHR System: Zehnder Q450 with integrated Heat pump (2 kW Cooling, 3kW Heating)

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